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Folkestone F51

The World’s First Purpose Built
Multi-Storey Skatepark

The Sports Trust are proud to operate Folkestone 51 (F51), the world’s first purpose-built multi-storey skatepark, funded by The Roger De Haan Charitable Trust. 

Home to the largest lead climbing wall in the South East while also featuring bouldering facilities and a boxing gym. With three floors dedicated to skateboarding, including two world class suspended concrete bowls, F51 has turned heads both nationally and internationally. Equipped with our friendly team of coaches, our venue is for everyone, no matter where your level of skill or confidence is.

F51’s design, location and conception aim to revolutionise the way we look at town/city spaces and how we can incorporate more facilities for sport and young people within town centres that may already feel cramped and populated. F51 seeks to put skaters, BMXers and climbers at the forefront of Folkestone, celebrating existing talent and encouraging new beginners to get involved through a range of lessons and inclusive sessions to ensure that there is something for everyone.


Unique Charity Perspective

Our charity values drive everything that we do, and are instilled in the very foundations of F51. The essence of The Sports Trust runs throughout the building, demonstrating our commitment to Fun, Originality, Local People, Kindness and Equality. 

We are committed to creating inspiring and inclusive spaces for people to love sport and exercise, whatever their motivations may be. Through a series of projects, sessions and initiatives we aim to make F51 accessible and dismantle barriers to sports on offer.

Engaging our Communities

Shred Club

All children aged 5 – 15 who are registered to our partner schools are able to access F51 for just a £1 a month membership. Regardless of family income, experience or background, all children will be offered the opportunity to make the most of the skatepark floors after school. All 45 schools in the district have been given the opportunity to take part, with 32 schools involved so far.

Only 15% of skateboarders identify as women
Only 32% of boxers identify as women
Only 33% of climbers identify as women

Women's, Girls and Non-Binary Sessions

Hosted in collaboration with grassroots org Poser Skate Project, every last Wednesday of the month F51 hosts women, girls and non-binary only sessions. Poser Skate Project are passionate about diversifying skateboarding and support marginalised genders through donations, jams and beginner sessions.

As a charity with inclusivity at the centre of its mission, we believe that everybody has a right to feel safe within F51 to pursue their passion for wheeled sports, climbing and boxing. However, these sports have traditionally been dominated by cis men for years.

For non-binary people there is even less representation. 

We are determined to address the gender gap. Women and non-binary only sessions have been proven to increase participation by providing an inclusive space to make connections and to learn at their own pace – free from judgement, intimidation or harassment. 

We strongly believe that these spaces can be utilised as a tool of empowerment for women and non-binary people to engage in physical activities, gain confidence and increase visibility in male dominated sports. 

These sessions are the first step of many initiatives we have planned to address the inequalities within sport.

Fighting Hunger Poverty

Through the Holiday Activities and Food Programme, we provide healthy, nutritious food and exciting, enriching activities for children and young people during the school holidays.

Families of children aged 4 to 16 years, who are eligible for benefits related to free school meals can access these opportunities during school holidays.

It is widely recognised that parents will skip meals to ensure their children are fed during school holidays. With other children going hungry over the break and starting the school term in a disadvantaged position.

We want to support all who face hunger poverty and take part in the HAF Programme to support the physical and mental wellbeing of children and young people in our district, encouraging them to engage in interactive and fun activities with access to nutritious food.

Active Pride F51

LGBTQIA+ Inclusive

We run weekly sessions through our charity project, Active PRIDE. Headed by LGBTQIA+ and ally coaches, people from the community are given a safe space to have fun, try new things and enjoy being active.

If you have any questions, contact our helpful team at